Intune Manager

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Manage multiple Intune tenants and customers including full backup/restore, drift monitoring, daily reports and more!

What you get

  • Tenant backup/Restore
  • Tenant drift against last backup
  • Tenant drift against Gold tenant Ability to acknowledge to stop alerting, or revert/deploy policy
  • Tenant migrations
  • Policy deployment from Gold tenant
  • Template creation and deployment
  • Backup management
  • Customer RBAC Customers have their own accounts with specified permissions
  • Admin RBAC Configure multiple admin accounts with individual permissions
  • Ability to use different Git repo per customer
  • Ability to use different gold tenant per customer
  • Easier tenant onboarding
  • Daily checks Compares tenant against CIS and NCSC (Intune policies only)
  • Security check Audit logs, updated apps, license usage, old users with licenses, secure score, non-compliant devices, AV and firewall alerts, outdated machines, failed sign-ins, failed app installs, app protection issues, apple cert expiry - Plus PDF export
  • App deployment Uses Winget community repo or custom manifest files

All multi-customer, multi-tenant


Our pricing is a single fixed price per month, not per tenant. We have two pricing levels depending on your total number of tenants plus a premium option which includes our Intune Deployment tool

SME (up to 10 tenants) / Education & Non-Profit (unlimited tenants)

£125 / $150 / €145 per month*

Enterprise (Unlimited Tenants)

£200 / $250 / €230 per month*

Premium unlimited includes Intune Deploy

£450 / $575 / €530 per month**

Gold tenant(s) do not count in your allocation

*Actual amount may vary slightly based on exchange rates

**Requires 12 month subscription